Sports Venues & Facilities in Crystal Coast

With services and facilities designed to host any sort of indoor or outdoor sport or gathering, the Crystal Coast is an excellent choice for your next event. Well-equipped with ample options for everything from conferences, conventions, corporate meetings, banquets and trade shows to live music, arts and entertainment, the Crystal Coast parks and recreation department also features a variety of perfect venues for more intimate gatherings like meetups, reunions and weddings.

Getting a plan together? Whether you’re looking for stadium-sized all-star sporting events and tournaments or just a great local park with hiking trails, basketball courts, soccer fields and picnic shelters with grills, the Crystal Coast has you covered. Maybe sports aren’t on your list, but you love the beach and need to host a formal or informal event for 100 or 1,000 people? No problem. Planning a party and need a game room? Check. Our Civic Center is friendly, professional and ready to help. The top-five venues at the Crystal Coast include the following: