Beaufort Pirate Invasion

The Beaufort Pirate Invasion is a reenactment of an event that happened in Beaufort, North Carolina, in 1747, when the town was caught up in a battle to defend itself from Spanish privateers. Blackbeard is also part of our local history and the wreck of QAR is here to prove it. Along with many other tales and legends of the Notorious Pirate and his alleged shenanigans in our area. This annual event was created in 1960 to highlight this unique and historical event of victory. The story unfolds on the waterfront at Taylor’s Creek, throughout town and around pirate encampments. Professional pirate re-enactors, villagers and merchants roam throughout town creating a historical and piratical presence for pirate enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy. Join us in celebrating our towns history and unique culture throughout the year by visiting Beaufort during one of our many local events and don’t miss the N.C. Maritime Museum and the Queen Anne’s Revenge exhibit which opened last spring and many other interesting things to see and do in NC’s Coolest Small Town.