Created in 2012, the Tuna Run 200 is an exciting overnight relay race, beginning just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina and ending triumphantly in Atlantic Beach.

This 200-mile adventure is no easy feat, but race participants have more than a carrot at the end of the stick. Awaiting them in Atlantic Beach is one of the best post-race parties a runner could enjoy, including fresh North Carolina tuna and beer, all situated along the beautiful Crystal Coast.

While 200 miles might sound daunting, the Tuna Run can be fun for everyone. Depending on the number of runners on your team (4-12), individual distances and training can range. If you are just getting into long distance running, fill up your team for shorter and fewer legs. If you are an ultra runner looking for a challenge, a smaller team can push your limits, with more and longer legs to tackle on your journey.

No matter your ability level, the Tuna Run 200 is waiting for you! Stay tuned for more info on the October 2016 event and take a peek at the action in the video below.

Location: Raleigh to Atlantic Beach, NC


Contact: [email protected]