Every spring, the energy of the Crystal Coast begins to build with excitement, and fear strikes the hearts of blue marlin up and down the North Carolina coast.

It’s Big Rock time.

For more than 50 years, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament has brought thousands of expert anglers to Morehead City, each with a dream of landing “the one.”

What began as a modest experiment to confirm sailors’ tales of billfish in North Carolina waters has since turned into one of the most sought-after and exciting fishing events on the East Coast.

Why “Big Rock?” The event’s namesake is not actually a rock, but rather a series of underwater ledges and ridges on the continental shelf that extend about 40-50 miles off the Morehead City Waterfront. The ocean floor takes a deep dive as you head out to sea, and fatefully encounters the warm waters of the Gulf Stream – a haven for seaweed, which leads to larger fish, which leads to some hungry blue marlin. Now, this is the type of seafood recipe that has fishermen salivating!

Since the first blue marlin was caught in 1957, a variety of rules, regulations and prizes have been added to the event, which now offers more than $1 million in winnings each year due to generous sponsorships and increased participation.

While to the winners go the spoils, many others in the community also benefit, with more than $3 million raised and donated to charitable organizations since 1988 as part of the mission of the event.

So, whether you plan to throw your rod in the ring or sit back and enjoy the show, the Crystal Coast is THE place to be June 9-17, 2017. See you there!



Location: Morehead City, NC

Website: www.thebigrock.com

Contact: 252-247-3575