As home to the North Carolina Seafood Festival, Beaufort Wine & Food Festival, dozens of chef-owned restaurants and generations of fishermen, it’s no secret that we take seafood seriously at the Crystal Coast. With the help of Carteret Catch, we’re working to maintain that heritage and ensure that you’re experiencing fresh, quality seafood during your visit.

The Carteret Catch program connects local commercial fishermen with area restaurants and retailers to promote sustainable, traceable seafood. What began with a rural grant through Carteret Community College has evolved to inspire similar programs in the state (NC Catch) and around the globe (Queensland Catch). When you see the Carteret Catch logo at a member business – on a door, a menu or a sign – you know that they are serving or offering at least one local, seasonal seafood item, and it’s sure to be delicious!

Carteret Catch

While more than 80% of our country’s seafood is imported, programs like Carteret Catch are challenging the status quo and connecting you with “the reel deal.” Can’t wait to dive into your next Crystal Coast meal? Never be afraid to ask, “Is it local?”