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Brown Bag Gam: Women were Pirates, too!

Brown Bag Gam: Women were Pirates, too!

315 Front Street, Beaufort, NC | (252) 728-7317

December 21, 2016 | 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Pack a lunch for the Brown Bag Gam during your lunch hour and join Historic Interpreter Christine Brin for an informal discussion about women pirates. It was “known” that it was bad luck to have a woman on a ship. Ships themselves were feminine, so to have a woman on board was to potentially cause the ship to become jealous and spiteful. To overcome this “belief” many women disguised themselves as men and went to sea as fishermen, sailors, and even pirates! Unfortunately, as a result of their disguises many of these women remain unknown but there are a few that revealed their genders to the world and history. Gam is defined as a friendly conversation between whalers or to visit with another ship while at sea. Free Admission. No advance registration. Walk-ins welcome. 252.728.7317. North Carolina Maritime Museum, 315 Front Street, Beaufort. www.ncmaritimemuseums.com.