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13th Annual Storytelling Festival

13th Annual Storytelling Festival

Bogue Loop Rd, Bogue, NC 28570 | (252) 247-4660

July 27, 2016 | 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

July 27, 2016

We are so pleased to offer you the line-up for our 13th Annual Storytelling Festival.

We will again have performances on four Wednesday mornings in July at 10:00am., at the Crystal Coast Civic Center, Morehead City, and also four afternoon shows at 2:00pm., at the Bethlehem Methodist Church, corner of Bogue Loop Rd. and Rt. 24 in Bogue.

We are generously supported by the Friends of the Bogue Banks Public Library, the Friends of the Carteret County Public Library and the Friends of the Western Carteret Public Library, without which these programs would not be possible. We deeply appreciate their considerations for our Storytelling Festival.

Our list of excellent performers is:

Wednesday July 27th: Claire Ramsey from Oxford, NC.

Her wish as a storyteller is to bring her audience to a place where they remember their first stories, pictures filling their minds and hearts. Stories With Claire specializes in folk tales from around the world for story lovers of all ages.

Please keep us in mind for your summer plans.

Call or e-mail Brita at Bogue Banks Public Library for further information or questions.