Each year, the sky over Atlantic Beach fills with color as the Carolina Kite Fest takes to the sand in late October.

Presented by Kites Unlimited & BirdStuff, Etc., this event is for kids and kids at heart featuring kite-building activities, candy drops and a night flight for experienced kiters.

Novices and experts are all invited to join in the fun, with large-scale kites from around the world in attendance.

From dragons and cats to sky skimmers, ribbons and deltas, this event is a crowd-pleaser whether you have a line in hand or are just enjoying the show!

Learn more about the event here and get to know Kites Unlimited in our video below.

Location: Atlantic Station Shopping Center, 1010 West Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512

Website: http://www.kitesandbirds.com/

Contact: 252-247-7011