Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings in Atlantic Beach

The suggested rules are as follows:

1. Between March 16th – October 1st, there can be no bright lights (including flash cameras) after dusk due to the turtle nesting season. you may not see the turtles, but that doesn’t mean they might not be there and the lights confuse them.

2. No driving on the beach to place any chairs or anything that you may want out there.

3. The beach is public, so it is first come, first serve. you are not allowed to block off an area hours before the event just to save space. however, if you have someone that can sit out there, or set up beach chairs or something that looks like the space is “taken” by beach-goers, no-one should disturb it.

4. If there is an expectation that more than 50 people will be coming to either the wedding or reception in Atlantic Beach, a tent larger than 200 sq ft or canopy larger than 400 sq ft will be used, or fireworks are planned, a special event application needs to be completed and submitted to Town Hall. There is no fee for the application unless there will be amplified sound, which is any music played on a system with detachable speakers (something other than a regular “boom box”) for a $10 permit fee, or there is a request for the tent/canopy or fireworks, which have a $50 fee per item. Please read the Special Event Application, which can be obtained on the Town’s website at

5. No beverages or alcohol in glass bottles.

6. Remember to clean up the beach following the ceremony.

7. Please do not use flower petals on the beach. Rice and bird seed may cause some discontent with fellow beach-goers as the birds tend to flock. Bubbles are preferred and children love it!

Other info – remember your marriage license. The Carteret County Register of Deeds (252) 728-8474 requires a cash only payment – no checks. You may wish to call them to find out details of paperwork you will need to supply if that is where you plan to get your license.

Please visit the Crystal Coast Tourism Authority website ( for helpful information concerning locations, marriage licenses, catering, florists, rentals, photographers, ministers, planners, receptions and entertainment.


Beach Weddings in Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle does not require permits for a beach wedding. The Town does ask that chairs and other accessories be assembled so as not to obstruct the public or vehicles on the beach. Wedding tents are not allowed at any of the public parks or accesses and overnight parking is not permitted. Smaller tents may be used on the beach strand itself but may not be left unattended past 7pm. You will also want to keep in mind when you are planning your beach wedding that vehicles are allowed on the beach from September 15 through April 30. Emergency vehicles must have full access in the event of emergency situations. For questions about parking or park hours please call our Police Department at (252) 354-2021.

Emerald Isle Police Department also requests that you call them the week of the wedding to notify them of parking. Please know that all wheels of a vehicle must be off the road and do not block fire hydrants.


Weddings at Fort Macon State Park

Couples are invited to use the beaches and facilities at Fort Macon State Park for their wedding celebration, and must submit a Special Activity Permit for prior approval. For more information and the necessary form, please visit their website.

Marriage Requirements

Have questions about marriage requirements in the Crystal Coast? View our Marriage Requirements section.

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