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Governor’s Cup Standings

North Carolina Governor’s Cup Standings

Find the latest standings for the North Carolina Governor’s Cup below. For more information and the list of events left in the North Carolina Governor’s Cup, click below. To download a PDF of the standings, click here.


More Information
Rank Boat Name Owner / Captain City / State Points
1 Inspiration Casey Wagner Morehead City, NC 2225
2 Mollie Whopper Emory Ivory Beaufort, NC 2045.5
3 Maggie Randy Bryant Atlantic Beach, NC 2025
4 Goombay Terry Young / Brian Peele  Atlantic Beach, NC 1816.7
5 Carterican Lee Smith Morehead City, NC 1803.6
6 Double B Harry Smith Pirate’s Cove, NC 1750
7 Pig Rig Tommy Herring Topsail, NC 1450
8 Hammer Time Steve Mozeley/ Austin Eubanks Morehead City, NC 1350
9 Fin Planner Mark Fortier/Chris Gornell Manteo, NC 1150
10 Qualifier Fin Gaddy Manteo, NC 1025
11 Job Site Bill Farrior Morehead City, NC 1000
12 Weldor’s Ark John Roberts/ Mike Taylor Morehead City, NC 984.9
13 Release Rom Whitaker Hatteras, NC 950
14 Stream Weaver Rusty Carter/ Timmy Kidwell Wrightsville Beach, NC 950
15 Reel Country Mark Ellington/ Mark Chambers Morehead City, NC 925
16 Sea Striker Adrian Holler Morehead City, NC 850
17 Coverage Jim Holmes/ Hunter Blount Morehead City, NC 800
18 Genetic Disorder Bill Dillon Beaufort, NC 800
19 Outlaw Ken Miller Hatteras, NC 800
20 CATBABY Randy Hoft/Jon Henry Atlantic Beach, NC 750
21 Reel Quick Carroll Thomas/ Brian Maready Wrightsville Beach, NC 750
22 Sea I Sea Don Mills/ Rob Mahoney Morehead City, NC 750
23 EZ Boy Van Pierce Beaufort, NC 725
24 Reel Easy Owen Andrews/ Ralph Griffin New Bern, NC 725
25 Jackpot Joe McKinney/ Sean Dooley Wrightsville Beach, NC 675
26 Salvation Jamin Simmons Ocracoke, NC 675
27 Savanna Leigh Michael White/ Troy Pate Atlantic Beach, NC 675
28 Islander Robert Schlegel Hatteras, NC 575
29 Safari Sandy McNiel/ Kevin Gaylord Wrightsville Beach, NC 500
30 Team Viking Viking/Bluewater Yacht Sales New Grentna, NJ 450
31 Bill Collector Stephen Draughon Morehead City, NC 400
32 Sea Hound Mike King Wrightsville Beach, NC 400
33 J&B Bob Bleecker/ Alan Murray Wanchese, NC 375
34 Wall Hanger Wall Hanger Sportfishing/Gray Blount Morehead City, NC 350
35 Waste Knot Scot & Ven Poole/ Patrick Kannan Atlantic Beach, NC 350
36 Piracy Curtis & Russell Struyk/ Chris Russell Morehead City, NC 275
37 Sensation Mike Rowe/ Dale Britt Morehead City, NC 275
38 Sea Creature Steve Coulter Hatteras, NC 225
39 Huntress Nick & Max Weaver Atlantic Beach, NC 200
40 Rameseas Terry Wells/ Rock Wells Wilmington, NC 175
41 Bizzy B Rob Bizzell Atlantic Beach, NC 150
42 Builder’s Choice Harris Huddle New Bern, NC 150
43 Lookin Back John Glover/ Parker Henry Morehead City, NC 150
44 Blue Eyes William Farrington Morehead City, NC 100
45 Game Keeper Ken Upton Wrightsville Beach, NC 100
46 Shenandoah Buddy Stallings/ Alan Willis Ocean Reef, FL 100
47 BB Chris Bailey Wrightsville Beach, NC 50
48 Carolina Lady Carolina Lady Charters/Fred Willis Beaufort, NC 50
49 Starflite Randy Ramsey Beaufort, NC 50
50 C Escape Bill & Allen Downey Atlantic Beach, NC 0

Top Lady Angler

1. Caroline Henry aboard Double B – 1 Blue Marlin 4B

2. Tracie Hicks aboard Carterican – 1 Blue Marlin

Top Junior Angler


1. Vance Fortier aboard Fin Planner 2 Blue Marlin, 1 Sailfish

2. William Farrior aboard Job Site 1 Blue Marlin, 1 White Marlin, 1 Sailfish


1. Taylor Padgett aboard Sea I Sea 1 Sailfish

2. Chloe Coffer aboard Sea Hound Dolphin 23.7 lbs

Largest Dolphin

Islander 69.1 lbs Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Largest Tuna

Release 29.3 lbs Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Largest Wahoo

Carterican 41.6 lbs Ducks Unlimited Tournament