Tea in Wonderland (A Mad Tea Party!)

Tea in Wonderland (A Mad Tea Party!)

1012 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC, United States | (252) 240-2800

May 5, 2018 | 2:30 pm-4:30 pm

Ladies & gentlemen, friends, fellow hatters & tea party enthusiasts, it is our great honor and priviledge to invite you back, back down the rabbit hole, into a world of dreams. Join us on a journey into illogical logic and magic. We invite you to the Underland of Wonderland…
Step with us ‘through the looking-glass.
Saturday. May 5th, 2018, The Infusion Cafe will once again visit Alice and all the zany personalities that people her adventures…. and we invite you to come with us!
It will be a grand and enchanting afternoon, full of nonsense and whimsy- the eighth annual Formal Tea Event in our “Alice in Wonderland” series…
A Mad Tea Party & Literary Event based on the beloved classic
by Lewis Carroll

Set in Wonderland… with two courses of themed tea & three courses of themed tea fare; including an appetizer, our formal two tiered server (stacked with savories and sweets) and our famous grand finale dessert… (tea fare created for you by our kitchen artists inspired by Carroll’s trip into this land of imagination).
This afternoon of whimsy will find our friends and guests attended by non other than the Mad Hatter, Alice, the March Hare, the Doormouse, the Red and White Queens, the Lion and the Unicorn, and Humpty Dumpty.
Music, story-telling and fantasy come to life in a theatrical tea-time- this is sure to be an afternoon to remember!

“I didn’t know it was your table,” said Alice: “it is laid out for a great many more than three.” “Treacle…” said the Doormouse… “I want a clean cup,” interrupted the Hatter…

Tickets Required.
Seating is Limited.
Call 252-240-2800 for event information and to guarantee your seats.