Holidays at the Crystal Coast 2016

crystal coast holidays

  The holidays are a magical time at the Crystal Coast, with activities and events for the young and the young at heart. Plus, ring in the New Year with our annual Crystal Coast Countdown – celebrating the arrival of 2017 in communities throughout our area. Planning a trip the Coast? See below for some of… Read More

Arrrrrr You Ready for the Beaufort Pirate Invasion?


Each August, Beaufort, NC goes under siege by the notorious Blackbeard and his Cannon Crew coming to collect their plunder. From cannons to “Arrrrrr, matey!”, there’s no shortage of swabbing the deck, walking the plank and pillaging “America’s Favorite Town”, as part of the re-enactment, of course! The Beaufort Pirate Invasion should not be missed!… Read More

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