Moonrise Lighthouse Climb


Each year, thousands of visitors make their way to Cape Lookout National Seashore to enjoy the undeveloped beaches, catch a glimpse of the incredible wildlife, and take in the history of the area. Based on current National Park Service guidelines, the Cape Lookout Lighthouse is open for climbing from the second week in May to… Read More

A Tribute to Our Diamond Lady


Lighthouses come to define a seacoast landscape, indicating to maritime travelers – as well as visitors – what town or region they’ve encountered on their journey, and how to safely navigate their path. The lighthouse standing at Cape Lookout was completed in 1859, replacing an older, shorter lighthouse that had been finished in 1812. This… Read More

Wooden Boat Show Celebration


The North Carolina maritime industry and its inherent craftsmanship are deeply ingrained in the seacoast culture of the Crystal Coast. In addition to the active boats you see up and down our marinas and waterfronts, their history is celebrated year-round at various events, exhibitions and sites, such as the North Carolina Maritime Museum. Each year,… Read More

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