Oysters; Pearls of the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast is famous for its seafood, but we’re not just talking shrimp, crab and fresh fish. Kyle Frey and Phillip Lannon of Crystal Coast Oysters take us on a deep dive into the world of oysters! The duo is making waves across the United States and in local restaurants with their delicious…

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Water Sports at the Crystal Coast

With more than 85 miles of coastline and a variety of waterways, the Crystal Coast is a playground for water sports activities throughout the year. Surfers can find their breaks next to the major fishing piers on Bogue Banks or venture out to Cape Lookout National Seashore for unbridled waters. Love…

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What Makes Us the “Crystal Coast?”

The Crystal Coast of North Carolina has long been enjoyed by visitors, but what gives it such a glistening name? Perhaps more than you know. The most defining landmark in the area is Cape Lookout Lighthouse – known locally as the “Diamond Lady” based on its black and white daymark. Standing regally…

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