At the Crystal Coast, we celebrate the makers, creators and local legends that add to our thriving North Carolina community. In the past 30 years, Jarrett Bay Boatworks has evolved from making simple charter boats to creating high-end custom sport fishing boats in all ranges and sizes. Born and raised at the Crystal Coast, Jarrett Bay developed out of a local desire to go fishing and chase the blue marlins offshore. Out of necessity, the first boat was built, and before long the company had built 13 boats and amassed over 40 employees.

The business is rooted in the North Carolina boatbuilding culture that goes back to the colonial days of the 1700s, where traditional boatbuilding techniques differed from conventional or mainstream practice. The cultural background of the colonists, and specific conditions of the local environment – both of which are classic factors in boat evolution – worked in favor of alternative methods.

With Jarrett Bay, a new wave of invention and innovation sprung forth in boatbuilding and have led these boats to be known around the world. In addition to the iconic Carolina Flare, every boat constructed at Beaufort’s Marine Park is truly custom and never sacrifices the legendary Carolina ride. Craftsmen build each Jarrett Bay with a fine-tuned precision that only comes after years of learning a specific trade.

As you travel by Jarrett Bay when visiting the Crystal Coast, take a look and become part of the tradition.